Better hydration
than Aloe Vera.
Backed by science.

Our skin care products are named after our hero ingredient Mamaku, a native black tree fern found in damp forested areas in Aotearoa, New Zealand. An all-in-one bioactive, Mamaku contains unique biopolymers and nutrients with anti–aging and healing properties. These properties, recognised by Māori, have made it an important part of rongoā (plant-based medicine) for generations.

  • Advanced Hydra Gel

Advanced Hydra Gel

The Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel is a powerful rapid hydrator restoring the skin back to its natural appearance.

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About Us


In our Māori history we have used rongoā (traditional Māori medicine) to cure many ailments pre European arrival to Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our plants, trees and soils are the medicine cabinets where we would source a cure or supportive care for our health issues. In Māori understanding, these plants and trees are our tuākana (elders) and they are the gifts from Papatūānuku (Mother Earth).

When we visit our native forests, we give thanks to Papatūānuku and to the herbal medicine plant we collect. We do this by way of karakia (Māori prayer) to give thanks for the source of nurture from this plant, and to hope to retain its mauri (life force).  This will be passed from the plant through to the final products we make for you.


Mamaku has been gifted with many healing properties in assisting skin conditions and other ailments. We have complemented our mātauranga Māori (Māori traditional medicine knowledge) with western science. Testing and confirmation of scientific findings have allowed us to understand how best to use Mamaku in our products.

Our Values

  • Provenance

    Although there are many ferns worldwide, Mamaku, the black tree fern, is native to Aotearoa. Although there are many ferns worldwide, Mamaku, the black tree fern, is native to Aotearoa. Māori believe in genealogy of all things. This includes the Mamaku, which is explicitly connected to the land and our environment.  We are committed to maintaining the provenance of Mamaku to Aotearoa, and protecting the rongoā and scientific knowledge for the benefit of New Zealand.

  • Traceability & Sustainability

    We are helping our whānau (family) around the country to develop
    their land blocks to source Mamaku through wild harvest and cultivated gardens. We can confirm traceability to natural forest lands belonging to Māori. We encourage our whānau to harvest sustainably and to follow tikanga (Māori customs).

  • Quality Standards

    We have embarked on a program to develop a customised tikanga (ethical process) for growing, harvesting and processing of our products. These will be developed alongside current certified processing organisations and will be supported with science to guarantee product quality and authenticity.