Natural plant solution
for skin irritations.
Backed by science.

Our skin care products are named after our hero ingredient Mamaku, a native black tree fern found in damp forested areas in Aotearoa, New Zealand. An all-in-one bioactive, Mamaku contains unique biopolymers and nutrients with anti–aging and healing properties. These properties, recognised by Māori, have made it an important part of rongoā (plant-based medicine) for generations.

  • Advanced Hydra Gel

Advanced Hydra Gel

The Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel is a powerful rapid hydrator restoring the skin back to its natural appearance.

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Mamaku has been gifted with many healing properties in assisting skin conditions and other ailments. We have complemented our mātauranga Māori (Māori traditional medicine knowledge) with western science. Testing and confirmation of scientific findings have allowed us to understand how best to use Mamaku in our products.


In our Māori history we have used rongoā (traditional Māori medicine) to cure many ailments pre European arrival to Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our plants, trees and soils are the medicine cabinets where we would source a cure or supportive care for our health issues. In Māori understanding, these plants and trees are our tuākana (elders) and they are the gifts from Papatūānuku (Mother Earth).

When we visit our native forests, we give thanks to Papatūānuku and to the herbal medicine plant we collect. We do this by way of karakia (Māori prayer) to give thanks for the source of nurture from this plant, and to hope to retain its mauri (life force).  This will be passed from the plant through to the final products we make for you.

Natural Skin Care Help for Skin irritations

Our own unique and specially created Ora Mamaku extract rapidly repairs the damage to the skin barrier, preventing the TEWL (transepidermal water loss). This is very important for the management of eczema. The soothing moisturiser works by filling in the gaps between skin cells, this helps improve the skin barrier. The traditional Maori topical use of anti inflammatory properties from the Ora Mamaku Extract assist in calming and soothing.

What People Say


Are natural products good for the skin?

There’s a reason why natural skin care in NZ has been booming — consumers want to break away from artificial products with oversized ingredient lists they can’t understand. We’ve developed our smooth and simple natural skin care products from natural sources — so you can nourish your face and body with skin-loving ingredients that restore your skin barrier, boost hydration, and help address common signs of ageing.

Are natural skin care products effective?

Yes — depending on how it is formulated. At Mamaku, we’ve developed and made our natural skincare in NZ and integrated an ethos of Rongoā — traditional Māori medicine with Western scientific medicine. Our Advanced Hydra Gel is infused with Mamaku, an extract from the native black tree fern that offers a natural alternative to topical steroid creams to help care for eczema. 

Its moisture-rich and barrier-fortifying biopolymers will replenish your skin’s moisture levels to revitalise your skin’s barrier, so you can calm inflamed areas and promote more resilient, better-looking, and feeling healthy skin.

What are the benefits of Mamaku natural skin care products?

Mamaku offers a range of treatments and benefits no matter your skin type — they include:

  • Calms and soothes — Our hero ingredient, Mamaku extract, is naturally cooling to soothe inflamed skin and help manage eczema flare-ups.
  • Boosts confidence — Eczema is one of the hardest skin conditions to address; it can be unsightly if severe and stop you from enjoying your life. By helping to address it, you can get back to the things you love doing as normal.

Are natural products safe?

Absolutely, it’s not only safe but can help you look and feel your best. The potent bioactives in our natural skincare in New Zealand are safe for all skin types, adults, and babies.

Does the product include any synthetic (chemically derived) ingredients?

No, all ingredients are naturally derived and do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Is the product good for irritable skin?

The mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel can reduce skin itchiness and redness immediately and relieves symptoms to irritable skin.

Is the product good for dry skin?

Yes, Mamaku brings 50% more hydration than Aloe Vera (research shows that the TEWL result shows effective skin hydration restoration).

Can I apply to raw redness of the skin?

Yes, you can. The product is using all naturally derived ingredients which are safe to use onto your skin. 

How frequently should I apply the product onto my skin?

Our user experience and testimonials show positive results between 3- 14 days, depending on your skin condition. In some cases we find that it can be as short as 2-3 days to see the difference. Diet control - no sugar is also important for recovery. 

How much do I need to apply?

Depending on your personal condition, we suggest you apply the product onto the affected area as needed. (More frequently if the skin is really dry, keeping the skin well hydrated is the key).

First apply the product on the affected area and wait till it  to be fully absorbed into the skin, then apply the second layer and repeat.