Discover the Benefits of Mamaku Extract for Your Skin

by info mamakuskin on Sep 18, 2023

Discover the Benefits of Mamaku Extract for Your Skin

Mamaku Extract

Amidst the lush forests of New Zealand, the ancient Mamaku fern silently works its magic. Revered by the indigenous Māori for its culinary delights & healing qualities, this unassuming fern holds a hidden treasure that has captured the attention of skincare enthusiasts worldwide. Mamaku Extract is a true superhero for your skin, offering a multitude of incredible benefits that will leave you in awe.


Let’s break down the benefits of Mamaku Extract for the skin:

A natural antioxidant your skin will love

Every day, our skin faces challenges from UV rays and environmental stressors that cause free radical damage. Luckily, Mamaku Extract comes to the rescue. This native fern is a rich source of antioxidants, providing powerful protection to your skin and leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

Mamaku Extract

Intense hydration, the natural way

Mamaku Extract's composition, primarily water bolstered by essential nutrients, makes it a true hydration powerhouse for your skin. Its rapid hydration properties can improve moisture levels by over 50% above normal, giving your skin the nourishment it craves.

Relief for eczema breakouts

Eczema is one of the hardest skin conditions to manage, but Mamaku Extract proves to be an excellent ally. Infused with potent bio-actives, it not only helps repair damage to the skin barrier but it also prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss). By injecting and sealing in deep hydration, Mamaku Extract provides soothing relief while fortifying your skin's protective barrier.


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