Why is summer such a tricky time for eczema?

by info mamakuskin

While winter is the hardest time for most people with eczema, many find their eczema is worse in summer. Heat, sweat, sunlight, allergens, salt water, sunscreen, clothing and dehydration can all cause eczema-prone skin to flare up.


Regulating body temperature, staying in the shade, using mineral sunscreens, rinsing off after swimming, changing out of wet/sweaty clothing and staying hydrated are all key to controlling eczema during the summer months. Make sure you stick to your regular eczema skincare routine during the holidays, and always keep a bottle of  Advanced Hydra Gel on hand!



prepare for summertime fun

Summer has officially begun, and while it is loads of fun it can be a stressful time for parents. Keep your little one's skin hydrated and moisturised with Mamaku, it’s excellent for prepping their skin for the day. Plus, sunscreen applies better to hydrated, soft skin.



relieve sunburn with mamaku

Always remember to slip, slop, slap, but when an unfortunate sunburn does occur it's important to hydrate the affected area. Apply our Advanced Hydra Gel liberally to rehydrate the skin and soothe itching.



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